Entries from November 2007

Intention Means Effort

Date November 23, 2007

Striving and Thriving The thing you set your mind on is the thing you ultimately become.             ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne What more needs to be said? In this Age of The Secret and The Law of Attraction—much. 

A Season of Giving

Date November 23, 2007

The Mentorship Approach With Kids & Teens Hanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are coming. Are your kids making lists of things they want? It’s a season of giving, and they know there’s no giving without receiving! Aren’t they helpful? If you want to help your children see life more from the giver’s side, here are some […]

What Motivates Your Team Members?

Date November 23, 2007

The Mentorship Approach With Teams & Groups Getting your team on board with a new program or project can be a challenge. When it comes to motivation, there isn’t one answer. What works best for you, or even for most people, won’t work for everyone. Get familiar with your team members and the things that […]

Gratitude: A Great Article I Found

Date November 21, 2007

With Thanksgiving just hours away, it crossed my mind I should post something about gratitude here. It’s especially a good idea since a grateful mindset improves mood and quality of life. But I noticed a friend and colleague, Amy Johnson, had just posted an article far better than what I could say. It’s on a Parenting […]

A Special Call To Service

Date November 14, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness: Work and Play It crossed my mind during the Veterans’ Day celebrations that in the many years I have been focused on the field of creative career choice I can’t remember any discussion of the military.

Intention With Money

Date November 14, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness: Money One of the big questions that comes up whenever you decide to change your life is, “Can I afford to do this?” This is especially true when you’re thinking about a career change or becoming a stay-at-home parent. There are lots of recommendations about cutting back to save up for a […]

A Million Good Causes – Only One of You

Date November 14, 2007

Elephant Burgers This month I asked a colleague, Sarah Sharp, to write an article for this section of the Blog-Zine. Sarah has an exceptional telcourse she offers about simplifying your life by focusing your time, energy, and commitment on things that align with your mission. Enjoy! –Steve We only have one head, but most of […]

Veterans’ Day

Date November 11, 2007

On Friday my younger son’s school had a special program for Veterans’ Day. They invited all family and friends of students who were veterans and active duty military to attend. They also invited all of us, including the parents who have never been in the service.