About Steve Coxsey

I am a Personal and Business Development Coach who believes strongly in Personal Mentorship. It’s my Personal Mission: Be a Catalyst for Personal Growth Through Genuine Relationships That Expand to Transform Families, Groups, and Organizations.

I enjoy Coaching because it’s a field that focuses on promoting healthy growth and development. This was part of my training in graduate school for Psychology and in courses for Counseling. In fact, Counseling early on was all about promoting healthy growth and development through insight and personal support. But that’s not a big part of what Psychologists and Professional Counselors do now. They focus on therapy for people who are emotionally wounded or have mood disorders or thought disorders. It’s a noble thing to do, but that’s not my calling right now.

I spent several years working as a therapist before co-owning a preschool and child development center. It was a great chance to promote development and watch the children, and even the staff, grow and progress each year. After selling the business I returned to a therapy practice, but I still wanted to work with people who are ready to grow and stretch their wings and realize more of their potential.

I discovered Coaching as the field that will let me do this. Coaching encourages people to take control of their lives. It helps us discover our interests and passions to live with purpose and enjoyment. It helps us learn new skills, accomplish important goals, and build confidence. It helps us live with more balance and more connection. Coaching has rediscovered the forgotten other side of Counseling.