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How Do You Drink Water?

Date June 30, 2008

Elephant Burgers Elephant Burgers is usually about different ways to approach large or ongoing projects and break them into achievable steps. It’s about accomplishment. But what happens when something is important to do, but it isn’t a project to complete?

The Right Condiments and Toppings

Date May 5, 2008

Elephant Burgers Elephant Burgers is about different ways to approach large or ongoing projects and break them into achievable steps. It’s about creative ideas for tackling something overwhelming and making the boring parts more enjoyable. You might be able to stand the taste of that elephant by making it into burgers. But what happens when […]

Why Don’t I Do Things On My To-Do List?

Date April 7, 2008

Elephant Burgers Back in February I posted an Elephant Burgers article titled This Sounds Nuts! But I Think You’ll Like It. I gave a brief overview of a system for defining a long-term vision, setting annual goals, then breaking them into monthly pieces and eventually into daily steps. Boy, was I hot stuff! Then a […]

Write A To-Do List That Works

Date March 17, 2008

Elephant Burgers You have a plan to change your life. At least you have the next couple of steps. You look at what you’ve written down to move you forward. You know you want to get there. You remember being excited just thinking about taking these steps. But now when you look at the steps […]

This Sounds Nuts! But I Think You’ll Like It

Date February 29, 2008

Elephant Burgers For me, scheduling my time is like budgeting my money. If I make a plan for it, I direct it and stay in charge. If I don’t have a plan, I spend some here and spend some there and turn around at the end of the day and wonder where it all went. […]


Date January 16, 2008

Elephant Burgers Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results.~Alex Mandossian I was out of town for over a week from Christmas through the beginning of the year. When I got back my first entry to my career change blog Twisting Road was about things that happened to move my business forward without me guiding them.

Shredding Accomplished!

Date December 19, 2007

Elephant Burgers Shredding Update  Today I finished the pile of shredding I first wrote about October 19. Today is December 19. It took me that long to get through the pile. I didn’t realize back then I had a small trash can nearly full of papers to shred. I was only looking at the stack […]

Recovered Time

Date December 18, 2007

Elephant Burgers One common concern of people who are looking to make exciting changes in their lives is finding the time to make it happen. One of the best ideas I’ve heard for having enough time is to “recover” it.

A Million Good Causes – Only One of You

Date November 14, 2007

Elephant Burgers This month I asked a colleague, Sarah Sharp, to write an article for this section of the Blog-Zine. Sarah has an exceptional telcourse she offers about simplifying your life by focusing your time, energy, and commitment on things that align with your mission. Enjoy! –Steve We only have one head, but most of […]

Elephant Burgers

Date October 19, 2007

Elephant Burgers Q-How do you eat an elephant? A-One bite at a time! Q-What if you get bored eating elephant? A-Make elephant burgers! One of the discussions on the Fast Track Your Dream forum for people in creative career transition brought up the question of finding time in a busy schedule to take steps towards […]