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Shredding Accomplished!

Date December 19, 2007

Elephant Burgers Shredding Update  Today I finished the pile of shredding I first wrote about October 19. Today is December 19. It took me that long to get through the pile. I didn’t realize back then I had a small trash can nearly full of papers to shred. I was only looking at the stack […]

Gratitude: A Great Article I Found

Date November 21, 2007

With Thanksgiving just hours away, it crossed my mind I should post something about gratitude here. It’s especially a good idea since a grateful mindset improves mood and quality of life. But I noticed a friend and colleague, Amy Johnson, had just posted an article far better than what I could say. It’s on a Parenting […]

Veterans’ Day

Date November 11, 2007

On Friday my younger son’s school had a special program for Veterans’ Day. They invited all family and friends of students who were veterans and active duty military to attend. They also invited all of us, including the parents who have never been in the service.

Hello, Chasing Wisdom Blog Readers

Date August 20, 2007

Hello, readers of my Chasing Wisdom blog. It is still available at www.stevecoxsey.blogspot.com . I have just taken the fairly big step of paying for hosting for this site and installing WordPress so I can begin to develop my Chasing Wisdom e-zine. Once I get this format figured out, I plan to build a monthly […]